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Motorized shades help you save energy, protect your furnishings, and increase your comfort. Learn more from Custom Media Inc.

The Many Benefits of Legrand Shading Systems and Savant Home Control

Create Elegant and Effortless Living with the Combined Power of These Industry-Leading Brands

The Many Benefits of Legrand Shading Systems and Savant Home Control

At Custom Media, our goal is simple: Provide our clients with the incredible connected technology that can change their daily lives in unimaginable ways. And while automated technology may be somewhat complex at the integrator's end, it should work seamlessly and effortlessly at the homeowner’s end—bringing unrivaled ease of living.

For this reason, we partner with best-in-class brands known for creating elevated automated systems that are customizable and easy to use. Two of these brands are Savant and Legrand Shading Systems (formerly QMotion). Both luxury brands in motorized shades and home automation create beauty, elegance, and effortless control in homes throughout Fort Worth, TX.

Let's explore how these two powerhouses, combined, elevate our clients' everyday lives.

TAGS: Legrand Shading Systems | Motorized Shades | QMotion | Savant

7 Things We Love About QMotion Motorized Shading Systems

QMotion roller shades are whisper-quiet, stylish, and easy to operate from your smartphone

7 Things We Love About QMotion Motorized Shading Systems

Admit it: manual window shades and blinds are a pain to use. Despite your best intentions to add more natural light to your Southlake, TX home, it soon becomes too time-consuming and frustrating to maneuver corded shades multiples times a day.

Motorized shades solutions take the hassle out of using your window treatments. Raise and lower shades with the press of a button or automate them to operate on a schedule that aligns with your daily routines. QMotion is a leading brand for shading solutions, offering a range of stylish, whisper-quiet, wired and battery-powered automated shade lines. Keep reading to learn seven reasons why we recommend QMotion shades to our Texas residents.

TAGS: Automated Window Treatments | Motorized Blinds | QMotion

Banishing the Top 3 Misconceptions About Motorized Shades

We’re here to clear up the misinformation floating around

Banishing the Top 3 Misconceptions About Motorized Shades

What’s stopping you from making the switch to motorized shades in your Dallas, TX, home? Instead of wrestling with tangled, cumbersome strings, you could set shades to the perfect level with the press of a button. Instead of running back and forth through the house to open and close shades, you could schedule blinds to raise or lower at specific times of the day. 

Perhaps you’ve heard some negative things about automated shades  that they’re too pricey, too loud, or too unattractive. Today we’re here to clear up common misconceptions about smart shades so that you can see the true value of what they have to offer. Keep reading to get the facts. 

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Blinds | Window Treatments


Motorized Shades Offer Unique Benefits for Your Fort Worth Home


It's hard not to love the Texas sun during summer, but it can cause problems when it’s overheating your home. Since summer months are the warmest of the year, that’s when your energy bills are the highest. Too much sunlight not only impacts your air conditioning, it can also affect your home’s furnishings.

Motorized shades provide the solutions you need for your Fort Worth, TX, home. In this blog, we’ll cover some of their top advantages.

TAGS: climate control | motorized window treatments



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