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Bring high-performance sound to every room in your home with whole home audio. Learn about the benefits, features and applications in our blog series.  

3 Areas Where Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Lifestyle

Take advantage of the places where you and your family spend quality time

3 Areas Where Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Lifestyle

Research shows that listening to music can improve your mood, lower stress and anxiety, improve memory, provide comfort, lessen pain, and improve your exercise. So investing in a whole home audio system for your house is not only a boon for your entertainment — it’s good for your health, too.

At Custom Media, we love designing home audio systems with two of the most well-known brands in the tech industry: Sonance and Savant. Sonance architectural speakers deliver the best in high-performance sound and premium aesthetics. They offer multiple in-wall and in-ceiling collections that blend seamlessly into your home’s architecture and décor. Integrating your sound system with Savant home control allows you to manage and access multiple music sources — streaming, vinyl records, MP3s, music libraries, CDs, radio — from a smartphone or tablet, and send music anywhere in your home with the tap of a button.

Where should you start with whole home audio in your Dallas, TX home? Keep reading to learn three areas where music can add more value, entertainment, and joy to your lifestyle.

TAGS: Distributed Audio | Savant | Sonance

Transform Your Sound Experience With Whole Home Audio

Sonance speakers paired with Savant home automation deliver the listening experience you’re looking for

Transform Your Sound Experience With Whole Home Audio

Think of all the daily activities you love setting to music using your smartphone or small Bluetooth speakers — cooking, folding laundry, working out, and working in the home office. Now imagine how much more enjoyable your listening experience could be with crisp, even, high-performance audio that you can move from room to room with a tap of a button on your smartphone or a simple voice command. No more tinny, smartphone-derived sound that gets lost in the noise of running water while you’re washing dishes.

A whole home audio system is straightforward to use and immensely enjoyable for personal listening, family activities or parties in your Ft. Worth, TX, home. At Custom Media, we pair two first-in-class brands to bring you the listening experience you’re looking for: Sonance and Savant. Keep reading to learn more.

TAGS: Distributed Audio | Multi-Room Music | Sonance



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