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Are you ready to build the connected home of your dreams? Custom Media is a smart home company specializing in home automation. Learn about our solutions here.

3 Products That Elevate the Savant Smart Home Experience

Savant is a leader in releasing cutting-edge products that improve your comfort, wellness, and entertainment at home

3 Products That Elevate the Savant Smart Home Experience

As a leading name in home automation, Savant has always been at the forefront of developing and releasing new products that cater to homeowners’ desires for comfort, convenience, and wellness in their homes. In the early 2000s, Savant was the first home automation brand to embrace mobile technology for home control, opening the door for homeowners to unlock greater flexibility, convenience, and accessibility over managing their houses.

Over the past several years, Savant has released a slew of new software and hardware products that make technology more straightforward, flexible, and fun to use. If you’re ready to enhance the Savant experience in your Ft. Worth, TX, home, keep reading to learn about some fantastic upgrades  then call your trusted smart home company Custom Media to handle the installation!

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Why Savant Should Be Your First Choice for Smart Home Automation

Since 2005, Savant has been putting the customer first when it comes to ease of use

Why Savant Should Be Your First Choice for Smart Home Automation

When you’re ready to add home automation to your lifestyle, choosing your centralized control system is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. If your control interfaces aren’t streamlined and intuitive, you’re not getting the full comfort, convenience and ease that automation brings to your home and lifestyle.  

Custom Media is your trusted smart home company in Dallas and across Texas. We put our stamp of approval on Savant home automation because it’s scalable for your entire home (or multiple properties), user friendly, and completely customizable based on your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn why we recommend Savant to fulfill your automation needs.

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