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3 Areas Where Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Lifestyle

Take advantage of the places where you and your family spend quality time

3 Areas Where Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Lifestyle

Research shows that listening to music can improve your mood, lower stress and anxiety, improve memory, provide comfort, lessen pain, and improve your exercise. So investing in a whole home audio system for your house is not only a boon for your entertainment — it’s good for your health, too.

At Custom Media, we love designing home audio systems with two of the most well-known brands in the tech industry: Sonance and Savant. Sonance architectural speakers deliver the best in high-performance sound and premium aesthetics. They offer multiple in-wall and in-ceiling collections that blend seamlessly into your home’s architecture and décor. Integrating your sound system with Savant home control allows you to manage and access multiple music sources — streaming, vinyl records, MP3s, music libraries, CDs, radio — from a smartphone or tablet, and send music anywhere in your home with the tap of a button.

Where should you start with whole home audio in your Dallas, TX home? Keep reading to learn three areas where music can add more value, entertainment, and joy to your lifestyle.

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Multipurpose Media Room

Do you have a family room, living room, or great room that’s the entertainment hub for your home? A whole home audio system can help transform your multipurpose entertainment space for family game night, karaoke night, yoga or fitness, and so much more. Blast your favorite Spotify or Pandora playlist as background music while you and your family play board games or rack up a game at the pool table. In the quiet of early morning, use your tablet to pull up a curated meditation soundtrack for your sunrise yoga practice.

Sonance’s highly regarded Invisible Series speakers disappear into the walls and ceilings so that you can envelop the room in ambient music with no visible footprint. These full-range speakers are designed for flexible placement, meaning you can install as many or as few as you need for even sound coverage. When you pair Sonance with your Savant automation system, playing music in your entertainment room is as easy as pressing a button on a smartphone or tablet. Pause, skip a song, switch sources, or adjust the volume using the same screen on your smart device.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Both good food and good music are said to bring people together — combined, they’re a powerful force that facilitates bonding, laughter, and love in the kitchen. Spend the afternoon baking cookies with the kids while singing along to the Disney playlist on Pandora. During family dinner, dig up your old jazz records and send smooth blues rolling through the dining room for ambient music.

In-ceiling and in-wall Sonance speakers are a great fit for kitchens and dining rooms. They won’t clutter up already full counters in the kitchen, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally splattering spaghetti sauce or cookie dough on expensive hardware. When paired with Savant home control, you can use hands-free voice control to play, pause, or skip music when your hands are full. 


Extend whole home audio to your entire house — including your outdoor living spaces. Sonance offers several high-performance outdoor speakers for installation on the patio, pool deck, and evenly spaced throughout the backyard. Outdoor audio can be integrated with Savant home automation so that you can enjoy the same music outdoors as you do inside. Use a smartphone or tablet to access your expansive collection of streaming services, vinyl records, MP3s, CDs, radio, and music libraries for a relaxing dinner on the patio, pool party, or outdoor birthday party.

Custom Media is your trusted Sonance and Savant dealer in Dallas, TX. Let us help you meet your home audio needs — both indoors and out. Call us, fill out a contact form, or start a live chat with our staff to set up a consultation with our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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