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4 Tips to Optimize Your Home Networking Performance

New year, new network — resolve to improve your network’s speed and reliability this year

4 Tips to Optimize Your Home Networking Performance

The modern home is more connected than ever before. And as modern technologies become faster and more sophisticated, you’ll soon require a robust home networking solution that can keep up, if you’re not there already. If you’re already feeling the strain from multiple connected devices in your home, there’s no better time to invest in a little TLC for your current solution.  

Keep reading to learn four expert tips for improving your home network performance in Dallas, TX.

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1. Upgrade Your Router

Are you experiencing slow internet speeds, longer download times, lost connections, and patchy signals throughout your home? If so, your router may be the problem. Older routers don’t have the power and processing capabilities to keep up with today’s newer, faster technologies. It may be time to upgrade to a new consumer-grade router with more processing powerbetter software, and updated Wi-Fi standards, or even an enterprise-grade router.  

2. Consider Adding Wireless Access Points

Most houses have weak spots for wireless signals. If you have a large home, multiple floors, and architectural obstructions, your house may have weak coverage in several areas because your single router doesn’t have enough range to cover the entire space.

One solution for expanding coverage is installing one or more wireless access points, which can be entirely wireless orhardwired directly to your router with an ethernet cable. Access points broaden your network’s reach and allow you to move from room to room without losing Wi-Fi signal.They’re also a great solution if you want to expand wireless coverage outdoors to stream music and movies on your back patio. 

3. Hardwire Your Most Important Connections

Consider hardwiring the devices where you need reliable connections, high speed, low latency, and better security like a work computer, your media room AV system, or your home surveillance cameras.Your wireless network is fast, convenient, and flexible. But in a home with multiple connected devices and long distances between devices and the router, relying on wireless for everything can lead to weak connections, long buffering times for 4K videos, and slow upload/download speeds.

4. Stay on Top of Updates

One of the simplest ways to improve home network performance is one that’s most often overlooked. Make sure you’re staying up-to-date with software and firmware updates released by your router manufacturer. These updates patch critical security holes and optimize performance. Through our managed network services, we can automatically update your devices as soon as new firmware is available. 

At Custom Media, our experienced home networking team will perform an analysis of your current network and make recommendations for a more reliable, robust, and secure solution. Call us at 817-993-1100, submit an online contact form, or chat with our staff using the chatbox on your screen. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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