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Realize Your Dream Entertainment Experience With a Professional Home Theater Installation

An experienced integrator provides the key components that set your custom theater apart

Realize Your Dream Entertainment Experience With a Professional Home Theater Installation

Setting up a home theater is different than setting up a new TV and sound system in your living room to watch movies and TV. The purpose of a dedicated home theater isn’t to deliver a “good” or even “great” viewing experience. A home theater aims for exceptional. Phenomenal. Unrivaled.

So how do you get from great to unrivaled? With the help of a professional integrator. At Custom Media Inc., our life’s work is to design and build custom home theater installations in the Dallas, TX area. Our knowledge, expertise and experience provide the essential elements your theater needs to set it apart from other entertainment spaces and commercial movie theaters.

Keep reading to learn what solutions Custom Media Inc. brings to the table to create your ideal home theater.

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Customized Design

The room itself plays an integral role in the overall experience. The size, shape, acoustics, ambient light and potential background noise in the room all contribute to crucial design decisions like screen placement, speaker placement and seating arrangements. One common DIY mishap we see is homeowners who want a movie projector but don’t have the space to support such a large screen. Having to strain your neck and eyes to watch a movie is not part of the ideal viewing experience and can lead to headaches and fatigue afterward. Similarly, incorrectly placed speakers produce an inconsistent sound experience for all viewers and spoil the enjoyment of a great film.

While theater is an art, integrators use science, precise measurements and industry standards to determine the optimal viewing distances and angles, sightlines, speaker configuration and audio configuration for every custom theater design. Thoughtful, intentional design and in-depth industry knowledge on how every aspect of your room and equipment affect each other are vital ways a professional adds value to your theater installation.

Acoustic Treatments and Calibration

Home theater acoustic performance is one of the most vital aspects of the home theater adventure. Poor sound quality kills an otherwise amazing entertainment experience, no matter how comfortable the seats are, how stunning the image quality is, or how cool the authentic popcorn machine looks in the back of the room.

As it is now, you theater room probably isn’t designed to deliver a stellar sound experience. The size and shape of the room, the materials making up the walls and floor, the placement of furniture and other large objects – these factors all affect the sound quality in your space. One of the most valuable services a professional integrator provides is room tuning using custom acoustic treatments to limit reflections and ambient noise that cause sound distortions, unintelligible speech, garbled audio, and uneven volume. Additionally, your integrator will calibrate your equipment for optimal sound performance.

Why are acoustic treatments and proper calibration necessary? Because if you can’t sit spellbound in front of the screen for hours, immerse yourself in the middle of the action, and feel your heartbeat quicken and slow with every trilling note or deep bass drop, then you’re not getting the experience you deserve from your home theater.

At Custom Media Inc., we have a reputation for excellence. We’re ready to design, build, integrate and customize the home theater installation you’ve been dreaming about. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call or reach out online so we can schedule a consultation.

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