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The Home Network Boogeymen Lurking In Your House

This October, there’s nothing scarier than a wireless dead zone

The Home Network Boogeymen Lurking In Your House

During a time when you’re dependent on reliable network connections for remote work, virtual schooling, home entertainment, shopping, and Zoom calling with relatives over the holiday season, don’t let home networking issues creep up and catch you off guard. At Custom Media, we’ve identified some networking boogeymen you may be facing this October as your home network adapts to meet new demands. Our techs are the ghostbusters of the networking world in Ft. Worth, TX — read on to see if you recognize these issues and how our team can solve them!

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Spooky Dead Zones

Now that your entire household is spending more time at home in close confines, everyone needs space to spread out and work, do online schooling or watch a guilty pleasure Netflix show in peace. But that may be difficult to accomplish if your house has areas where the wireless connections are weak or nonexistent. It’s common for homes to have dead zones, especially if your house is large, has an unusual layout that obstructs strong signals, or relies on a single router to provide whole-home coverage.

At Custom Media, we have several solutions that can improve the wireless range. We can install wireless access points that expand your coverage and allow you to move from room to room without losing wireless connections. We can also hardwire your essential or most-used devices to ensure you have a strong, reliable connection when you need one. 

While we’re helping you extend your coverage, let’s take it outside! In Texas, October brings beautiful, mild weather that’s ideal for sitting on the patio to get some work done, listening to music as the sun sets in the evening and watching holiday movies with the family outdoors. An additional wireless access point allows you to bring all your favorite streaming entertainment outside.     

Frighteningly Slow Connections

No scary costume this Halloween could be more dreaded than “the spinning wheel of death” while you’re waiting for a web page to load. In the best of times, poor upload/download speeds for web applications and videos are incredibly frustrating. But now that you may be relying on your network for remote work and virtual school, slow connections are a liability. And if you notice that your connection speed drops sharply when multiple devices are in use, the problem could be that your current network solution isn’t robust enough to handle new burdens.

Call Custom Media so we can perform a home network evaluation. The issues could be stemming from an old router, a poorly placed router, low bandwidth or a number of other problems. We’ll give you an accurate assessment and recommend solutions for a networking design capable of delivering optimal performance for all your connected devices.    

A Hidden Monster in the Closet

Here’s a scary story to tell around the campfire: imagine a hacker creeping around your home network while you and your family are unaware, stealing your personal information, online account information and even your identity. Today, hackers and identity thieves use sophisticated measures to take advantage of the fact that people are more connected online and make more online transactions than ever before. At Custom Media, we’ll finish your network installation by configuring firewalls, data encryption, two-factor authentication and other security measures to ensure your private network is safeguarded against malicious intent.  

At Custom Media, we’re equipped with the expertise to banish home networking boogeymen for good. If you live in the Ft. Worth, TX, area, call us or fill out a contact form online so we can schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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