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Why Savant Should Be Your First Choice for Smart Home Automation

Since 2005, Savant has been putting the customer first when it comes to ease of use

Why Savant Should Be Your First Choice for Smart Home Automation

When you’re ready to add home automation to your lifestyle, choosing your centralized control system is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. If your control interfaces aren’t streamlined and intuitive, you’re not getting the full comfort, convenience and ease that automation brings to your home and lifestyle.  

Custom Media is your trusted smart home company in Dallas and across Texas. We put our stamp of approval on Savant home automation because it’s scalable for your entire home (or multiple properties), user friendly, and completely customizable based on your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn why we recommend Savant to fulfill your automation needs.

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Savant always has the customer in mind when it comes to updating and refining their systems and interfaces. With Savant home automation, you can access and control all your home technology in a centralized location — multi-room music, a home theater or media room, smart lighting, climate control, shading, security and surveillance, and outdoor entertainment.

Savant has multiple interfaces that allow you to interact with your technology in a straightforward and comfortable way. With the Savant Pro app on your smartphone or a touchscreen tablet, you can arrange your main screen to display the most-used rooms in your home. One tap takes you into each room, where you can see and control the scenes, favorites and devices in that space.

Savant is compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants, giving you the ability to issue simple voice commands to turn on the living room TV, play music, or activate a scene. For Apple users, Savant is now compatible with Apple TV, meaning you can access and manage your entire Savant home on-screen. And the new handheld Pro Remote X2 launched this year, giving you another sleek, elegant and simple control interface for your smart technology.

Fully Customizable

Savant makes it easy to use your smart home the way you want. Savant Scenes is a feature that allows you to build a customized sequence of actions activated at one time. In the morning, a “Rise and Shine” scene can roll up the window shades in your bedroom and living room, play music over the hidden speakers in the bedroom, and pull up the weather on your tablet so that you can check the outdoor temps before you get out of bed. You can activate scenes manually with one touch in your Savant Pro app or set them to start automatically at a programmed time.

Savant allows for more in-depth customization with individual account creation. Everyone in your household can set up a personal account in the Savant Pro app. Within your account, you can build and save custom automated scenes, access favorite settings, and display your most-used rooms and devices on a personalized interface.

You can also create guest accounts for relatives, babysitters, housekeepers and others that give them access to specific rooms and smart devices while they’re on your property. While your in-laws are in town, they can easily adjust the lighting, TV, music and motorized shades in the guest bedroom from their smartphones.     

At Custom Media, we’re prepared to meet all your smart home needs from design through installation. We’re a premier smart home company proudly serving homeowners in Dallas and North Texas. When you’re ready to get started, call us or fill out an online form to schedule a consultation with our experts. 

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