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3 Lifestyle Benefits You’ll Gain with Smart Home Automation

Explore what your smart home can do for you

3 Lifestyle Benefits You’ll Gain with Smart Home Automation

As smart technology and home automation become increasingly popular, attainable, and affordable in homes, you may be wondering: is smart home automation worth the hype? A home automation system allows you to connect all the devices in your house — from entertainment systems to lighting and shading to security — and control everything using a smartphone app, tablet, keypads, or remote.

Automation has many superpowers to help make your Westlake, TX, home more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading to learn three lifestyle benefits you’ll gain from smart home automation.

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Energy Savings

Did you know your home automation system can help you manage home energy usage more efficiently? Using a smart thermostat to implement preset temperature ranges, create a daily climate schedule, and automatically adjust the indoor temperature based on occupancy (on a room-by-room or whole home basis) can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and waste less energy throughout the day.

Automated lighting and blinds are other tools you can use to cut energy waste throughout your house. For example, dimming your lights when natural sunlight is available and using occupancy/vacancy sensors to control lights throughout the house reduce unnecessary lighting usage.

Motorized window treatments provide protective insulation year-round. During the summer, closed shades cool your home’s interiors and block the sun’s heat from entering. During the winter, open shades warm the chilly interiors, while closed shades prevent heat from escaping through the windows. Setting your window shades on automated schedules ensures that they open and close at appropriate times of day for optimal efficiency.

Finally, your automation system can compile comprehensive reports on your home energy usage and provide insight into areas where you can improve.

Personalized Comfort

Smart home automation allows you to use your connected devices in ways that bring more comfort and convenience to your days. For example, perhaps you enjoy having the lights, shades, and temperature at specific settings every time you watch a movie in the evenings. With an automation system, you can build a custom “Movie Night” scene that instantly adjusts your environment to your preferred settings with the press of a button on a keypad or smartphone.

Additionally, home automation can help you simplify daily routines. You can program automations to turn lights on and off at specific times of day, raise and lower shades based on the sun’s movements, and adjust the indoor temperature based on outdoor weather conditions. With home automation, you can live in comfort without doing a thing — let your smart home sweat the small stuff.

Peace of Mind

You can access your smart home from anywhere in the world for around-the-clock peace of mind. Enable notifications to alert you to changes in your smart home — like a light left on or a door left unlocked. Best of all, you can act on notifications by turning off lights and locking doors remotely with the press of a button on your smartphone. View the status of the connected devices in your home at any time, whether you’re on lunch break across town or vacation across the globe.

Integrated security devices empower you to monitor your property 24/7 and act quickly in case of an emergency. Smart sensors alert your mobile phone instantly for smoke, fire, water leak, and dangerous gas detection, allowing you to contact the authorities and make sure everyone is out of the house. If you have interior and exterior surveillance cameras, you can receive notifications for abnormal movement, watch live video footage from your phone, and save footage to review later.  

Are you ready to bring smart home automation to your lifestyle? Reach out to the team at Custom Media by calling 817-993-1100, filling out a contact form, or starting a live chat on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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